Install.PL - Installer for Penguin Greetings


  Install.PL [-c] [-d] [-f] [-h] [-o]


Install.PL is a home-brew installer for Penguin Greetings. It began life as a front end to GNU install, but now handles the installation of Perl modules (using the CPAN module,) can perform simple string substitutions on configuration and script files, and then install the resulting modified files.

For the convenience of the developer and user alike, it creates a file installer.cache from the values entered. That way it is possible to reinstall Penguin Greetings without having to go through the same dialog lines.


Install.PL requires the module Config::General build and maintain the installer.cache file. This is one of the modules needed for Penguin Greetings anyway, but would be needed if Install.PL is used to install something else.


-c = Do a clean install, erase installer.cache and start over.

-d = Do a dry-run install, ask questions and generate cache, but do not actually install any files.

-f = Force install, skip asking for locations but use locations in installer.cache. This can be used to install an update to Penguin Greetings if you copy the installer.cache file to the new source tree or can be used by developers to update their tree.

-h = Provide a brief summary of options.

-i = Ignore (do not install) optional parts of the installation. This is used in Penguin Greetings for the developers to skip the installation of the images. It might be of use to users who have their own ecard sites.

-o = Overwrite all files (ignore backup declaration.)


Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Edouard Lagache

This software is released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2. For more information, see the COPYING file included with this software or visit:


Install.PL doesn't install the man page documentation yet.


Edouard Lagache <>