PgreetDBinit - Create empty databases for Penguin Greeting ecard sites to use.


  PgreetDBinit [-u DBuser] path_to_DB [NameListDB NamePassDB CardDataDB]


PgreetDBinit is a tool to initialize the three Berkeley DBM databases used by Penguin Greetings for the primary or any secondary ecard sites serviced by Penguin Greetings on a given server. It creates the empty DBM files and gives them the appropriate ownership (usually pgreet) so that the pgreetd daemon can access them.


PgreetDBinit must be run as root (via for example sudo) in order to make the appropriate change of file permissions. In most cases, simply running the command with the path to the database directory will do the trick as in the example below.

  % sudo ./PgreetDBinit tempdir
  Penguin Greeting Database initialization tool version: 0.9.2
  created file: tempdir/NameList.db
  created file: tempdir/NamePass.db
  created file: tempdir/CardData.db

Optionally, you may list the names of the three database files: the list of card login names, the hash of card names and passwords, and the hash of actual card data after the path. The default names are: NameList.db, NamePass.db, and CardData.db. There is one command line option -u:

-u Pgreet_user = use the supplied name as the owner of the database files instead the Penguin Greetings default of pgreet.


Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Edouard Lagache

This software is released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2. For more information, see the COPYING file included with this software or visit:


No known bugs at this time.


Edouard Lagache <>