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Questions? .. Comments? .. Suggestions?

Send'em all to: Edouard (Ed) Lagache <>

For more information about me, please visit my personal web site at:

Penguin Greetings user email list

There is a Penguin Greetings users email list for questions, user tips, suggestions, and what not. The list is called pgreet-users and you can subscribe to it or access the archives from the following link:

Support Penguin Greetings ... Help me find a job!

Alas the developer of Penguin Greetings is once more between jobs after spending six months in the frigid north of Seattle working at  If you know of positions in California for a Perl Programmer, Web Application Developer, or Internet Traffic Analyst position - please forward them to me!  You can learn more about my technical qualifications and get hold of my resume at:

Using Penguin Greetings? - Tell the world about it!

If you are using Penguin Greetings to implement a web-based ecard site, please drop me an email at <> with the URL and any details about your implementation that you would like to share.  Even if you just installed it for fun, I would like to know that other people are enjoying my handywork! :-) Logo

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