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Penguin Greetings demonstration web site

For more details on Penguin Greetings, You can demo it in action on my personal server There are two versions running using the same Berkeley DBM databases, configuration files, and website:

User/password restrictions are in place for this demonstration.  You can use the login: pgreet and the password: trial in order to try out the program on

Penguin Greetings now supports multiple ecard sites running on the same server. There are six secondary demonstration ecard sites (five of which are bilingual: English/French) listed below:

Note that the SpeedyCGI version is listed above. Simply drop the "s" in "scgi" to get the standard cgi version. None of the secondary sites have any login/password restrictions.


  • The demonstration site is the development site for Penguin Greetings. So it is almost guaranteed not to be running exactly the same software that has been released (the version number of Penguin Greetings is now displayed by the startup page of the default web site.) As a policy, I avoid making major changes for a week after a release, beyond that things are likely to be different from the available release. While I try to avoid having the site down for any length of time ... mistakes and bugs do happen! :-)

  • Since June 8, 2003 there is new card category: "Recently added cards." If you want to see which cards are new to an upcoming release, you can quickly see what is "in the pipeline" by checking that category.

  • The ecards shipped with Penguin Greetings reflect my aesthetic tastes - not any intrinsic limitations of Penguin Greetings to handle web content.  I personally hate cards with silly animation and clunky sound-effects, so the cards here reflect what I find appealing in cards.  If you can make a card that a browser will render, you can serve it with Penguin Greetings.  If you doubt this, make up some cards and install them in Penguin Greetings, or send them to me and I'll hold my nose and add them to the demonstration site! 

  • Occasionally, the SpeedyCGI backend will be have to be reloaded from disk (because of my own updates, disk swapping, or what not.) So, if you wish to make your own speed comparisons, first make sure that the SpeedyCGI backend is loaded before beginning your comparisons. Logo

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