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Penguin Greetings Documentation

User Guides:

Penguin Greetings Installation guide
Penguin Greetings Administrators' guide
Penguin Greetings content developers' guide

Application man pages (from Perl POD documentation) man page
pgreetd man page
Install.PL man page
PgTemplateTest man page
PgreetDBinit man page
PgreetConfTest man page
PgreetDButil man page

The man pages for Penguin Greetings Perl modules (for developers - from Perl POD documentation)

Pgreet module man page (misc. shared object methods including state file management.)
Pgreet::Config module man page (Penguin Greetings configuration module)
Pgreet::Error module man page (Penguin Greetings application-independent error reporting module)
Pgreet::CGIUtils module man page (Penguin Greetings CGI utilities)
Pgreet::DaemonUtils module man page (Penguin Greetings application daemon and database utilities)
Pgreet::ExecEmbperl module man page (Penguin Greetings wrapper function for executing Embperl files)
Pgreet::ExecMason module man page (Penguin Greetings wrapper function for executing Mason files)
Pgreet::I18N module man page (Penguin Greetings implementation of Localization using the standard Perl module: Locale::Maketext Logo

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